Common Truck Accident Injuries

A collision with a commercial truck is the ultimate fear of any motorist. All motor-accidents have the potential to cause damage and harm, those involving oversized trucks like 18-wheelers can exacerbate circumstances. These vehicles are big enough to overwhelm all other cars they share the road with by sheer size alone since big rig trucks weigh in at 70,000-80,000 pounds versus the average four-door sedan that weighs around 5,000 pounds.

Our spinal columns are devised into theoretical segments. The neck is called the cervical spine and the regions that follow are the thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal regions. The number of vertebra per region varies with a totality of 33 vertebra making up the entire column. Common spinal injuries are sprains and strains, producing symptoms like soreness with accompanying stiffness and tightness. Pinched nerves resulting from herniated discs are among that more painful injuries and may be treated with injections or surgery.

While most commonly fractured boners make up the extremities, practically all bones in our skeletal systems can fracture.  Fractures can range in severity and are respectively graded by anatomists and medical doctors. A hairline fracture, for instance, is as its name impels a small crack within a bone, and may resolve overtime without medical intervention.

Conversely, a compound fracture is when the fractured bone fragments penetrate surrounding muscle tissue and the overlaying skin. Minor fractures tend to heal on their own, while more complex ones depend on invasive procedures to repair. Most will have to wear a cast for an extended period of time and may have to undergo a complete physical therapy regimen as part of the recovery process.

Also known as lacerations, cuts and consequent scarring can happen in any type of accident. In fact, seat belts tightly rubbing against bare skin can cut through it. Cut-wounds could also be caused by coming in contact with sharp objects like shards of the windshield or pieces of plastic covering the instruments panel.

Most laceration will require stitches. While some lacerations may resolve without even minor surgical involvement, others require extensive repair and leave life-long scars. Victims of trucking accidents should take detailed photographs of any bruising and areas with non-intact skin. These photographs can be later used as evidence by your attorney.

While severity of cranial injuries varies from headaches to concussions, those sustained in truck accidents are the worst of their kind. Head injuries in violent motor-accidents can be caused by direct impact on the streaking wheel or vehicle occupants’ heads violently jerking back and forth in a whip-like manner while the collision is in process. Side effects of head trauma include cranial fractures, intracranial hemorrhage or nerve damage. Immediate radiologic studies like CT and MRI scan are indicated to rule out any of those or similar conditions.

Common truck accident injuries, while different in nature, can all cause a victim to incur significant medical bills, miss work, and endure severe pain. State laws allow for injured victims to recover these losses in a personal injury claim. A HURT-511 personal injury lawyers help injured workers recover the benefits to which they are entitled by law. For a free consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, call us toll-free at 800-4878-511 or complete our online form. Our firm handles accident and injury claims throughout all five boroughs of New York.

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