Knee Injuries In Automotive Accidents

Suffering knee injuries not only causes intense pain and severely affect your everyday activities including limiting your ability to go to work, complete basic chores and extracurricular activities. Those who suffer pain as a result of being involved in an accident may need to be checked out by the doctor for post-accident symptoms like soreness, stiffness and limited range of motion.

Knee injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents can vary in severity depending on whether the injured party was a driver or a passenger. In case of being rear-ended by another vehicle, for example, both knees could be pushed into the steering wheel or below the dashboard. Initial sore and stiff knees will have a limited range of motion, but these seemingly benign symptoms can indicate a more severe underlying conditions. The full extent of knee injuries cannot be fully ascertained without treatment by a medical specialist like an orthopedist and thorough testing procedures like Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI).

The most commonly presenting types of knee lesions involve sprains and strains. With these type of truck accident injuries, severe pain is felt without any underlying ligament or cartilage tear. Most doctors will suggest the “RICE” therapy – Rest, Ice, Compression, Exercise. But having and a post-accident injury is classified as a strain or sprain does not you’re out trouble-free. Knee sprains and strains often extend past discomfort and become chronic injuries that become exacerbated due to weather or strain you put on these weight baring joints.

An experienced truck accident attorney is invaluable in these events. Truck companies begin investigating a wreck immediately, so you will want to be represented by an attorney that marshals the resources to match that urgency. One of the seasoned truck accident lawyers at HURT-511 will know the details of personal injury laws in New York your state, federal trucking regulations, and steps to take to protect your legal rights. It will be of outmost importance to take steps to prevent destruction (accidental or intentional) of key evidence like driver logs and black box data. It may be necessary to also consult with accident reconstruction experts if liability is contested. Hiring a personal injury lawyer means you have someone on your side throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Lack of transportation can snowball into other issues. Missed work could mean no paycheck, which could mean getting behind on bills and not being able to afford life’s necessities. To ensure your car gets fixed, you can go through your own insurance company. However, if you do not have collision coverage your only choice may be to go through the trucking company’s insurance. A full service personal injury law firm can assist on your property damage claim by helping you get a rental car and doing what’s possible to speed up the investigation, such as contacting witnesses.

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