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 Rollover accidents are some of the most dangerous car accidents that can happen and can be very harmful, if not fatal, to all the passengers in the vehicle. A wide variety of factors can cause a car to roll over, like a single-vehicle accident, meaning that there was no other car involved. This, however, does not imply the driver’s complete liability. Other factors like defective products, vehicle recall or unsigned hazardous road conditions are often involved.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a rollover accident, get to know your legal options to ensure the protection and financial compensation that’s duly yours. With the help of our experienced auto accident attorneys in New York, 1-800-HURT-511 will help you understand your rights and eligibilities to determine how you should proceed.

When you contact our law firm and gain access to our vast network of experienced car accident attorneys, you’ll learn about your options, review the circumstances of your accident and how the injuries you’ve sustained affect your everyday routines as well as how to proceed forward with an attorney’s assistance. Rather than spending time vetting multiple attorneys yourself, let our car accident lawyers take over so that you can focus on recovering.


A rollover accident happens when a car loses its balance and tips over landing on its roof or worse continues rolling. Depending on the car’s velocity and the road’s slope, a car could roll many times over before coming to a halt. Regardless of how many times the vehicle turns over, serious harm can ensue to all the passengers and possibly cause death. Since the car is violently thrown around, rollover crashes have an increased mortality rate as compared to other accidents. They account for 30% of all annual vehicular fatalities claiming about 10,000 lives. There are many different precautions drivers can take to avoid rollovers like choosing cars with a lower center of gravity or a wider wheelbase


When interfacing with an insurance company to get compensation for health care expenses and property damage, victims of rollover accidents may be persuaded to accept offers not compatible with the sustained damages or inflicted suffering. Therefore, rather than attempting to handle such negotiations independently, choosing a competent attorney will be the deciding factor in receiving a fair settlement offer. A wide array of variables are factored into such decisions and an attorney must discuss each of them with the plaintiff to find the most suitable for the situations at hand. There are few different ways that an attorney and a judge can settle on requested damages.


Some damages are economic and are intended to provide ample compensation to the victims (and their insurance providers) for financial losses associated with the accident and the injuries caused, including health care expenses and lost wages from missed work. These wages also include any short/long-term disability associated with the injury.


Non-economic damages are more complex and include physical and emotional suffering endured by accident victims. These damages are increasingly more difficult to calculate than economic ones because no paper trail exists to serve as proof. However, pain, anguish and depression caused by gradually worsening health and socio-economic circumstances are all real carry equal if not greater heft that economic damages.


If you are you’ve made a decision to work with an attorney towards receiving the compensation that you’re rightfully owed after being in an accident in New York, contact the 1-800-HURT-511 today. We will connect you with an attorney who is qualified to handle your case and is willing to fight on your behalf to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

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