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Slip and fall accidents in New York are a leading cause of death among all age groups, and they are especially common in the five boroughs of New York City. Slip and fall can lead to chronically debilitating injuries if left untreated injury can be extremely costly. Here’s a list of precautions to lower chances of being injured in a slip and fall:

Keeping surfaces dry: Reducing wet or slippery surfaces is the single most important safety tip for avoiding slip and falls. Great care must be taken to clean up spills, remove ice and snow from commercial as well as private property and posting “wet floor” signs when and where required.

Maintaining clear walkways: The risk of slip and fall accidents significantly decreases when debris and clutter are cleared from walkways and floors. It is important to keep boxes, shoes, toys and electric cords carefully stowed away.

Ensuring ample lighting: Another key prevention tip for slip and falls is to ensure lighting is bright and constantly functioning. It is especially important to keep poorly lit areas clear and easily accessible.

Knowing your surroundings: Although it may seem obvious, paying attention is the best way to prevent a slip and fall accident. Using a cell phone, reading, eating, or otherwise not watching what is in front of you will significantly raise your chances of falling.


Also, knowing that some places will increase your risk of falls is one way to stay ahead. Restaurants, markets and amusement parks are examples of places that would increase the risk of falling.

  • Proper footwear: Shoes are a common factor in many slip and fall accidents. It is important to wear shoes that are appropriate for certain places or activities. As an example, wearing house slippers outside in icy conditions would exponentially increase your chances of falling. Take proper precautions and wear shoes appropriate for where you plan to go.
  • Freezing climate is regular occurrence in New York and despite public warnings and municipal preparations, citizens and businesses are usually affected by the precipitation for weeks on end. When freezing does occur, a throwing a handful of sand or ice-melt salt on potentially slippery spots, especially entrances, stair cases, handicapped parking and wheelchair ramps helps prevent the majority of slip and fall accidents.

Entrances and metal surfaces can become wet as people track snow debris and water onto them. Laying down absorbent door mats and tractions tape in such places reduces the amount of moisture brought in and minimizes the risk of slipping. This on those high-risk surfaces when conditions do deteriorate throughout the day.

At HURT 511, our team personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping slip and fall victims in Brooklyn, Queens and other boroughs of New York City to help clients recover damages for pain and suffering. If you or a loved one were injured and you believe someone’s negligence, call 1-800-HURT-511 for legal help immediately.

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