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Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys in Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Office

1733 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Suite 43
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Brooklyn is a lively place with several cafes, restaurants, theaters, and other businesses. Along with the regular influx of people, slip and fall accidents are unavoidable. It has been found most common injuries are caused due to slip and fall accidents. No one can predict where or how these accidents will happen. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates millions of people are admitted with fall injuries each year.

Slip and fall accidents are unexpected, causing health and financial problems. Thus, it is necessary to have the right support with you. If you or anyone you know has been in a slip and fall accident, connect with a slip and fall accident lawyer in Brooklyn to get you the best compensation.


Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

Does slip, fall, or trip cause severe injuries?

The impact of the injuries depends on where and in what way the incident occurs. Not all falls result in a fatal injury. However, severe injuries cannot be ruled out, especially for elderly citizens.

  • Fractured bones – When people fall, they usually use their hands to protect themselves. This makes the wrist more vulnerable to injuries. Apart from the wrist, legs, ankles, knees, and hips are injured in such accidents
  • Falling backward directly impacts the head, leading to head injuries like internal bleeding, head trauma, or concussion
  • Ligament or muscle tear, muscle spasm, sprains or strains
  • Victims often go through psychological trauma after the accident. It prevents them from indulging in outdoor activities and, in some cases completing their regular activities

What are the reasons for slip, trip, or fall injuries?

Slip, trip, or fall can happen at any moment, anywhere. Whether at work, theatre, or even out on a simple evening walk. There are several reasons for the accidents:

  • Scaffolding accidents are the most common cause of injuries on the construction site. Other causes are falling of debris, keeping construction materials improperly like loose wires
  • Slip or fall due to snow on sidewalks, falling of ice or snow from rooftops and fire escapes
  • No maintenance of staircase leading to uneven or broken steps, loose railings
  • Inadequate lighting on the sidewalks, campus, or the stairs
  • Slippery floors due to liquid spills like oil or water
  • No warning sites on construction sites or while cleaning floors

What does the slip and fall compensation include?

In slip and fall accident cases, with the help of a lawyer you might get damages from the property owner’s insurance company. The damages may include:

  • Medical treatment costs including ambulance, hospitalization, x-rays, and CT scans, medicines, multiple doctor visits, and additional support required for recoveries such as walking canes or sticks, walking frames, and wheelchairs
  • In a severe injury, a long-term recovery might be needed—future medical costs like a regular doctor visit, medicines, and physiotherapy
  • Partial or permanent disability
  • Lost wages due to missing work because of the accident.
  • Loss of earning capacity due to permanent or temporary disability
  • Pain and suffering that victims undergo

What is the prerequisite to get the compensation?

There are a few key challenges that should be addressed in order to get compensation. Else the claim will be rejected.

  • You need to make sure you are a lawful visitor on the property
  • You need to prove negligence on the part of the property owner or the tenant. It is vital to prove that the property owner should have known the dangerous situation
  • This negligence on the part of the owner was the reason for your fall and injury

For example, you visit your neighbor’s store, trip, and fall. It can be due to spilled liquid or a wet floor because of mopping. In any case, the owner should have put a wet floor sign for visitors to avoid the wet area. This will be seen as negligence on the part of the owner.

How can 1-800-HURT-511 help me with slip and fall attorney?

Slip and fall cases require negligence on the part of the property owner or the tenant. Without evidence, accusations are expected. Without proving your case, your settlement claim can be rejected. Having professional help and experience benefits in several ways.

We at 1-800-HURT-511 help you at every step of your compensation process. Our lawyers will help you investigate and gather evidence, understand the impact of your injury from medical professionals, and negotiate with the insurance company.

  • Call 1-800-HURT-511 alternatively complete and submit the form on our website.
  • Our team will get in touch with you to understand whether your case needs a lawyer.
  • If required, connect with an attorney to start your compensation process.
  • Receive your settlement and pay on contingency basis.

At 1-800-HURT-511, we are available 24×7 and you do not pay if we do not win. Fill out the free case evaluation form today to get started. Let us handle everything for you after your accident.

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Stephanie De La Cruz

I was an UBER passenger and the car got rear-ended by a utility van. I called 1-800-HURT-511 since a friend dealt with them before and I was glad I did. My attorney was extremely professional and aggressive when necessary. He was transparent from the start and didn’t complicate things unnecessarily.

Stephanie De La Cruz
Jordan Barnes

Serious team effort from the entire staff to get my work injury case resolved quickly. They built a strong case and kept me in the loop for the duration. This team also delivered on two previous occasions and did it in a very cost-effective way. A faithful customer for life thank you!

Jordan Barnes
Kevin Diaz

I highly recommend HURT-511! When the insurance companies turned me away after a scary scooter accident that nearly killed me, a lawyer at HURT-511 stayed and fought for me and recovered the entire policy! Their staff is well-informed and always available to answer my questions. They treated me like one of their own and I made the right decision to stick with them. Thank you so much!

Kevin Diaz
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