$1.225 Million Verdict for Car Accident


Awarded: $1,225,000

A Brooklyn jury awarded our client 100% in damages against three defendants as a result of an accident which occurred on the Garden State Parkway in November of 2008. The defendants thought our plaintiff was a passenger in car which was being towed illegally on the Garden State Parkway by another car who was the brother of the host vehicle. Those allegations were that the towed car had no lights or flashes on at the time of the accident and that there was improper and illegal towing operations going on in violation of New Jersey statutes.

The defendants fought this case vigorously with independent witnesses who were in the third vehicle which slammed into the towed vehicle claiming there were no lights on the towed vehicle in a very dark and unlit portion of the Garden State Parkway. The defendants also produced an expert witness who testified that it would be impossible for the third vehicle which rammed into the plaintiff’s vehicle from the rear to have a observed, perceived and reacted in time to avoid this unavailable accident. The jury rendered a verdict in favor of the plaintiff after a four week trial.

A damage trial then ensued in which our plaintiff claimed serious and permanent injuries although she had never been treated by any doctor from the date of the accident to the present with the exception of facial fracture surgery within one month of the accident. Plaintiff was a 28 year old mother of two at the time of the accident and had recently had two children within the last year and had complained of problems with cognition, memory and concentration as a result of this accident, although she had previously been on Supplement Security Income since age 15. Due to the efforts of senior trial attorney David Woycik and after putting on five expert witnesses to include a neuropsychologist, psychologist, orthopedic surgeon, plastic surgeon and life care planner, a multimillion dollar settlement was reached.

There were three defense counsel with at least two to three persons working for them and with them on this case to try to defeat the plaintiff’s claims which we were able to overcome due to the hard work and preparation of our trial team.