Attorney Wins $250,000 Settlement


Awarded: $250.000

Our attorney, Michael Villeck recently settled a case for $250,000 on behalf of a client. This was the full insurance policy value. In this situation, a gentleman was operating a moped when he was struck by a motor vehicle. The vehicle was making a left turn at the time of the accident and hit our client. The client suffered numerous injuries as a result of the incident, including a fractured leg. This and other injuries required our clienti to have surgery and, later, physical therapy. This has continued since the accident.

In this incident, the driver of the motor vehicle denied seeing our client at the time of the accident. He admitted to making the left turn, but not noticing our client was potentially in the way. The motor vehicle driver was clearly the at guilt party in this case nonetheless.

Our client elected to pursue legal action against his insurance company after the company failed to provide him with the potential compensation owed to him. He retained the services of our attorney, Michael Villeck to do so. Our attorney began the process of creating a lawsuit on his behalf. And, we proceeded with a bad faith claim against the insurance company.

The insurance company provided us with proof of no excess insurance, as we demanded. As a result of our legal actions, and the actions of our client for seeking out legal advice in his case, he received a settlement offer from the insurance company. The insurance provider tendered the full $250,000 policy in an effort to settle the claim.

This is not the first time that our attorneys have helped clients involved in motor vehicle accidents to win claims against insurance companies or to pursue actions against other drivers.